Tactical unmanned aerial system
for ISTAR missions

Founded in 2016 “Ukrainian Aviation Systems” is a fast-growing innovative company which specializes in developing complete Unmanned Aerial solutions - military grade UAV design and production.

Qualified support and reliability are the key benefits of our Unmanned Aerial System.

We have developed the platform which provides a cost-effective solution to answer the needs of military tasks, security agencies, industries available on-site and on-demand. Ukrainian Aviation Systems produces unmanned aerial systems that include unmanned aerial vehicles, payloads, ground control stations, software and data processing. SUAV HAWK is an end-to-end automatic system which provides a turnkey solution for complex mission. 


The "HAWK" Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is a fully automated aircraft with an electric motor. It belongs to the mini tactical subclass according to UAS NATO classifications.

The aerodinamic design of the aircraft is "flying wing". The UAV is equipped with an automatic control system (autopilot) combined with an integrated complete inertial navigation, a satellite navigation system (GPS) and a barometric altimeter.

The main advantage of this system among other UAV platforms is its advanced software capabilities guaranteeing the operator a fully automated flight, allowing him to concentrate on controlling the dual sensor gimbal in order to complete the mission.



Operating multiple AVs from one GCS

Operating in GPS jammed areas, operating in no comm areas


Using multiple positioning systems like GLONASS, Beidu, GPS, Galileo

AES-256 encryption

A perfect tool for
close combat intelligence gathering: 

low radar noise

low noise profile

Proven track record of operating in

extreme temperatures from -30C to +50C